Lowers Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is another prevalent issue in which

massage therapy shows great promise in assisting to relieve. In a study by Steven H. Cady and Gwen E. Jones at Bowling Green State University “analysis showed a significant reduction in participants' systolic and diastolic blood pressure after receiving the massage”. 

   A similar study was conducted at the University of South Tampa, Florida which “tested the effects of a regularly applied back massage on the BP of patients with clinically diagnosed hypertension”. The results of this study found that “systolic BP changed significantly . . . over time as did the diastolic BP” Effect size was 2.25 for systolic pressure and 1.56 for diastolic pressure”. 

   Further studies were reported by six researchers who's findings where published in 2018 Journal of Education and Health Promotion. The study was conducted at the Sedigheh Tahereh Cardiovascular Center and reported that "massage therapy seems to be a safe, effective, applicable, and cost-effective intervention to control BP of prehypertensive women". The studies also found that even 72 hours after completion of the massage therapy sessions test subjects where still experiencing almost full effects of the therapeutic intervention