Why Consider Massage?

Studies have shown that massage therapy is beneficial in alleviating many common problems including:

  • Stress
  • Migraine & tension headaches
  • Bodily pain
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Depleted immune function

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How Do I Prepare for a Massage Session?

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Weather the massage is fully clothed or not it is best not to be constrained.

Drink fresh water regularly before & after sessions

Massage looseness debris that becomes stagnant within the body and water is essential to flush it away.

Have an idea in mind where you want the therapist to focus or avoid

Each session needs to be tailored to your needs so, to receive the full benefit of the session, you need to indicate what areas you want worked on and what areas you prefer be avoided; such as areas of ticklishness.

First Session?

Be ready for your first session ahead of time 

Instead of coming early, skip the wait and complete your intake form at home.

Each body is given an individually tailored massage, affordably

Our Founding Principles

We are an independent small business founded in the Hudson Valley. We believe that massage therapy can benefit everyone and we strive to make it an obtainable option in self care. Through compassionate care, ease of access, and affordable pricing we strive to help all of our clients be kind to themselves.

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